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Windorah Gas Project

World Class Location – Cooper Basin

  • The Cooper Basin is the premium onshore basin producing gas, NGLs, condensate and oil in SA & QLD

  • Over 6 Tcf of gas and 300 Million BBLS of Oil produced

  • 100% ownership in Queensland permits ATP 927P & ATP 1194PA

  • Permits are in close proximity to major energy players with easy access to domestic and export markets

  • Close to existing large-scale developments and easy access to gas plants and pipelines connecting to domestic markets and LNG hub

 Windorah Gas project

Windorah Gas Project

  • 2 rounds of drilling – first round – Tamarama 1 & Queenscliff 1 – second round Tamarama 2 and Tamarama 3

  • 3C gas resources upgrade to 770 BCF from four discoveries – Tamarama 1, 2 & 3 + Queenscliff 1

  • Tamarama 2 had initial flow rates of 2 mmcf/d

  • Tamarama 3 had initial flow rates of 2.5 mmcf/d

  • Considerable improvements in Tamarama 2 and Tamarama 3 and further improvements expected through technology

  • Designs of future wells likely to be horizontal (or near horizontal) wells with multi-staged fracs in the upper & middle Patchawarra sandstone units


  •  Estimated Prospective OGIP are Mean Original Gas-In-Place excluding 2C/3C Resources.
  • Gas Volumes are expressed in billions of cubic feet (BCF) at standard temperature and pressure bases.
  • Resource estimates independently certified by DeGolyer & MacNaughton (Queenscliff area & Aeon Petroleum Consultants (Tamarama area) 

 ATP 927 Permian Stratigraphy - log correlation

Toolachee & Patchawarra formations contain significant sandstone reservoirs which are gas charged and laterally extensive